Asthma or Cough?

Asthma or Cough?


Does my child have a cough or asthma?

A cough is one of the most common symptoms of both asthma and a cold. Understanding when a cough is related to a virus and when it’s asthma will help you get the right treatment for your child quickly.

Watch for these common differentiators between a cough caused by a virus and one caused by asthma.

Timing of the cough.

In asthma patients, a cough is going to be worst in the morning and at night. When a cold is the cause of the cough, symptoms may worsen slightly at night, but your child will cough consistently throughout the day and night.

Type of cough.

Dry and brassy coughs are common with asthma, while a cold will produce a wet, and more productive cough.

Secondary signs of asthma.

A child suffering from asthma may feel a tightness in their chest or shortness of breath. You may even hear some wheezing.


Coughs can be tricky to diagnose. If you are worried about your child’s cough, your pediatric provider can help.

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