Travel Preparations and Travel Medicine

Posted August 11, 2014
By: Pamela Craig, MS, RN

When preparing for vacation most people choose to focus on what to pack, their itinerary and what attractions they want to visit. But what about required and recommended vaccinations?  Most people are aware of the need for Yellow Fever vaccines if you’re heading to Africa or South America, but do you know what you might need if you’re headed to Boreno or Mexico?

Travel medicine is a growing niche within healthcare. Meeting with a travel medicine provider allows you and your family to receive tailored immunizations and prescriptions based on current health, medical history, travel plans and past immunizations.

We understand the need for personalized consultations prior to your trip. At IHA Midwest Travel Care we have over 20 years of experience preparing people for their travels. During your appointment you can expect:

  1. Counseling and written information about the effectiveness and possible side effect of vaccines received
  2. Advice about consumption of water and food, and ways to avoid traveler’s diarrhea
  3. Recommended preventative medications and packing a medical kit
  4. Latest US government health advisories for your travel destination and current listings of US embassies and consulates
  5. Tips for air travel and jet lag, and how to handle altitude related illnesses
  6. Assessments for travelers with specific needs (pregnant women, young child, elderly, chronically ill)
  7. How to locate English speaking physicians

IHA Midwest Travel Care stocks all commonly require vaccines, and can obtain more exotic vaccines by request. We recommend that you make an appointment 3-4 weeks prior to your trip. Depending on where you’re headed you may need two doses of a vaccine, and this also allows us to make sure we have the vaccine you need prior to your appointment. However, we do appreciate and can accommodate last-minute travel plans.  Please contact our office with any questions at 734.995.0308.

IHA Midwest Travel Care is located in the new IHA Domino’s Farms Medical Center, 4200 Whitehall Drive, Suite 150, Ann Arbor.

IHA Midwest Travel Care

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As a nurse specializing in international travel care medicine, Pamela M. Craig has over 20 years of experience providing travel counseling and immunizations in the Ann Arbor area.

Pam is dedicated to the promotion of healthy travel and preparedness, believing all international travelers should receive appropriate counseling and immunizations prior to a trip. She also believes in the importance of being informed of current health and safety risks associated with an anticipated travel activity in order to best stay safe and well.


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